We are beyond excited to bring an exclusive show of Belgium’s BATHSHEBA (ex-Serpentcult, ex-Sardonis, Death Penalty) to Bielefeld!!! With good reason their massive debut album “SERVUS” can be found in many polls for the best albums of 2017 and immediately brought the band to well known stages of the scene such as Desertfest, Doom over London, Incubate Festival and Doomed Gatherings among others. The band plays crushing Heavy Doom with Sludge and some Black Metal influences. The haunting vocals of Michelle Nocon are reaching from monotonous chants to schizophrenic eruptions which create a disturbing atmosphere that will leave you behind in a state of total emptiness. Don’t miss this ritual on April 28th and “gather around the witch and hail the oath of doom”!!! Thanks so much for visiting us!!!

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